While fishing was always my favorite outdoor activity, I couldn’t find time to practice it every time I wanted to. And due to daily stress and other problems, I managed to pack my bags and get on the road for several time without properly preparing my all for fish tackle. Therefore, after a few failed attempts when I found myself at the lake without lures or without rods, I understood that the preparation and the packing of the all for fish tackle is of utmost importance for every fisherman.

Therefore, before getting on the road to the nearest lake or river, be sure you have prepared the all for fish tackle. I am sure you won’t forget about the rods but the lures on the other hand, the lures are another story.

I like fishing and most of the warm season I spend my weekends on the river, catching fish, enjoying the sound of nature and a solitude that gives me the opportunity to lose the stress of the working days. I prepare my all for fish kit with maximum attention, not to forget any of the essentials. I always take my kids with me, they’re happy to take care of the stuff I forget to put on my all for fish pack and to spend some time together, as a family.

Minnows as baits and the all for fish kit
Until now, I used hoppers as bait. This time however, I decided to make some changes and to fill the all for fish kit with another type of bait: minnows. I heard they make excellent bait as long as they’re alive so I’m prepared with all I need to catch some for my all for fish pack. If you don’t know, minnows are small fish found in freshwater systems but they can be purchased at bait boat shops if you have limited time at your disposal.
From what I’ve heard, minnows are easy to catch, especially with a deep net in shallow water. All you need to fill your all for fish kit with bait, are some small pieces of dog food or even bread placed on the net and some time. Time to wait until it is safe to lift the net filled with minnows. However, it’s easier to prepare your all for fish without bait and stop at a local shop on the way to the fishing spot to buy some minnows. They’re cheap, and easy to find. In the end, do not forget that you need live bait so you’ll have to take care of your minnows not just throwing them in the all for fish regardless of anything. They need cool, clean and oxygen rich water. Do not put them in chlorinated tap water if you want them to live for the day. It’s better if you put the bottle in a cooler, especially in the hot days of summer and most of all, keep the bait away from the sun.
My hooks for the perfect all for fish kit with minnows
There are different ways of hooking minnows. It depends on how you plan to fish with them. If the minnow is lively and you want it to swim freely and naturally, hook it through the tail. To cast and retrieve however, you’ll have to hook through the lips. Finally, if you’re going to use a float, you’ll have to hook the minnow through the back, careful not to harm its spine.
I hope my advices on catching and hooking minnows were useful to all amateur fishermen who need to fill their all for fish kits with living baits. Of course, there are other options such as hoppers, leeches or frogs so, choose whatever you feel more comfortable and with the best results.

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